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The Quiet Revolution

Over time the presidential veto power has evolved into a political tool rather than the constitutional shield that it was envisioned to be by the founding fathers of the United States. The Reagan administration along with every subsequent administration, republican or democrat, is responsible for transforming presidential signing statements into a tool that ultimately asserts that the President has the constitutional right to override the intent of Congress. Although the President is a key player in the law making process his assent is not necessary and therefore his view on a bill is not as important as that of Congress despite claims to the contrary by future Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito. I have carefully laid forth a historical analysis combined with presidential case studies that clearly concludes that it should never be permissible for the President to assert that he may ignore or evade the law, however this is a trend that appears will continue, rendering the presidential veto power to be virtuously meaningless or at best symbolic.



ISBN 9783639359985
AUTOR John Neureuther
DATEINAME The Quiet Revolution.pdf

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