One of our finest storytellers, Sarah Perry, author of The Essex SerpentThe gods were as real as the coastlines and currents, and as merciless as the winds and whirlpools.For centuries the gods of the Undersea ruled the islands of the Myriad through awe and terror: they were very real, and very dangerous. Sacrifices were hurled into the waters to appease them, and every boat was painted with pleading eyes to entreat their mercy. They were served, feared and adored. Then, thirty years ago, the gods rose up in madness and tore each other apart.Now, none remain. The islands have recovered and the people have patched their battered ships and moved on.On one of these islands live Hark and his best friend Jelt. To them, the gods are nothing but a collection of valuable scraps to be scavenged from the ocean and sold.But now something is pulsing beneath the waves, calling to someone brave enough to retrieve it.



ISBN 9781509897568
AUTOR Frances Hardinge
DATEINAME Deeplight.pdf

17 Jul 2016 ... Once you place the orbs, a passage will open in the wall above you. Take this corridor to enter The Deeplight. Use Merryn to arrange the mirrors ...

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